Menu Changes

Traditional CappuccinoLately we’ve been rethinking our coffee menu. We’re rolling out a new round of coffees and thinking through the espresso beverages that we offer. So we’ve decided to make a couple changes.

You may have¬†noticed we recently changed the cappuccino to one price point. As we move toward more traditional Italian espresso beverages we’re offering traditional cappuccinos. A traditional cappuccino is a 6(ish) ounce beverage composed of¬†espresso, milk, and milk foam. Traditional cappuccinos highlight flavors in the espresso that you might not otherwise pick up in a double shot or an Americano.

If we are really honest with ourselves, the differences between our old cappuccinos and lattes were minimal. The larger cappuccinos simply offered a little more milk foam. However, if you are craving a 16 oz foamy milk drink with espresso we’ll be happy to make it for you.

As far as new coffees go, we are rolling out three very distinct and interesting offerings. Our Ethiopia Gelana Abaya is a natural or dry processed coffee from the Yirgacheffe region. It’s round, lively, juicy, and tangy with winey acids, strawberry, floral, and jam flavors. Our Brazil Fazenda Sertaozinho is from the same farm as our previous Brazil, but offers a distinct cup. It is sweet and sugary with honey peanut butter notes. Finally, we will be rolling out Sumatra Lintong Wahana with fresh clove, juicy tropical fruit, and a mild savory aftertaste.

We are also giving you the chance to try the coffees side by side in our new coffee flights. Pick two of the three and get an 8 oz for here cup of each for $4. We’ll even talk you through some of what we’ve experienced in these coffees.

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